Priestess of Healing Arts

Coach of the Metaphysics

Energy Healing, Akashic Memory Field, Evolutionary Astrology & Egyptian Tarot

Hi, it's me

My Name is Isabel and I am the founder of 


It is my wish for you and my Soul Mission to reconnect you with your highest version of yourself and claim back your power. 

I believe that we are all here on earth to live a happy, wealthy, and healthy life. Abundance and Freedom are our birthright.

As a Healer and Psychic I am here to release everything that is blocking you from seeing your true essence 

The beautiful Soul you are!

With my Cosmic Knowledge and understanding of Oneness I will open a path of true abundance and love for you which brings you closer to your 

Soul Essence and Purpose in this lifetime.

My Mastery and Expertise will guide you through your current obstacles to liberate yourself from conditioning and limiting beliefs to live the life you desire.

A Life you Deserve! 


" We repeat what we don't repair. "

Your Healing begins today. We only learn lessons on our way, we never make mistakes. You were meant to get yourself up and walk the way that resonates with you. There is no expiration date to un-become who you not meant to be. 

Become yourself - your true you!

Work with Me

Spiritual Mentor & Priestess of the New Earth

Soul Healing

In my SOUL HEALING SESSION we dive deeper into the following topics:

- Witch Wound, Sisterhood Wound, Mother Wound
- Karmic Release 
- Cutting Soul Connections that don't serve you
- Ancestor Healing
- Past Live Healing
- Clearing Ancient Vows, Oaths, Promises and Curses

Akasha Soul Academy

The most powerful journey of your life!
20 weeks hosted by New Earth Medicine of pure universal knowledge, mystery, transformation and embodiment.

Become a clear channel!
Embody the Wisdom!

Meet me there as your Teacher and Mentor!



This transformative and healing technique helps you to calm down your body, release stress from the nervous system and makes you feel calmer and more confident. 

I guide you on the breathwork journey with music and channeled messages to connect you with your spirit - your higher self. Let me help you to open the portal to your realm by breathing.